Thank you madam toastmaster Sumitha.

Good afternoon fellow toastmasters and guests…

I read somewhere that for every person a phase comes in life when person’s character and traits get defined. While preparing this speech, I realized that I am into that same phase of life. The only reason to believe this is: I, who was once a shy and introvert person, is delivering a speech in front of you.

Before I go further, let me first provide some background about me.

I am Parthiv Dave. My friends call me “Parth”. My total work experience is of 3.5 years. Previously, I was working for Wipro Technologies and joined TCS in last June.

Born in Gujarat but brought up in Mumbai. I did my schooling and engineering in Mumbai and only for 3 years I was away from home and was at Bangalore. I am the only son from my parents that gave me all previledges during my childhood. I got whatever I demanded for. If there’s an award for Best Spoiled Kid, I would have won that too.

Things I like:
a) Building Websites – I have made many websites during my college time and was web admin in my previous project at Wipro Technologies. So, if you want to do anything realted to Web, you know who to contact…

b) Watching cartoons and creating animations – When I was a kid, I was fan of “Tom & Jerry”. As I grew, my list of favorite cartoons also built. I like Launch-pad of Duck Tales (because he was the one who was counting his plane crashes), Johny Bravo (who gave me tricks which I shouldn’t try on girls), Scooby-doo (who removed my fear of ghosts) and Calvin (who provided new perspective).
    When I got into college, this likeness changed to creating cartoons and animations. Though now I don’t find time to use my creativity, but that’s the activity I like to do.

c) Reading Books – This is a new passion. I have read non-fictional books. There’s no favorite author but I like Robin Sharma (for philosophical subjects), Jack Welch (for management learnings) and many more…

Things I don’t like: I won’t say I don’t like but I don’t believe in Horoscopes, Astrology etc. But, I will keep this topic for my future speeches.


I finished my engineering from VJTI, Matunga which is very renown institute. I am sure who are from Mumbai know VJTI. I was able to get into VJTI because I did diploma in computer technology. I did engineering in 10+3+3 patter instead of usual 10+2+4.

During my college life, I always maintained reputation of “Nerd”. Because of this, I didn’t focus on my inter-personal skills and which delayed my campus placement. I finally got into Wipro and was posted to Bangalore.

The experience at Bangalore was really amazing and changed me a lot from any person to what I am in front of you. Bangalore has also taught me cooking, washing my own clothes and started eating all vegetables etc.


My short term goal is to get into Business School and complete MBA. Regarding my long term goal, I want to start my own firm… of course, related to web services and designing. Also, I want to write an autobiography.

Before I conclude, if you want to know more, you can check my profile in Orkut or Facebook.

I would now conclude my speech with this quote by Samuel Butler:
” Life is like playing violing solo in public… and learning the instrument as one goes on…”

God bless you all….

Back to madam toastmaster…