Choice, Not Chance…

Destiny is not a matter of chance, but choice…

This famous adage has captivated thoughts of millions and billions humans across the globe. Whatever we are in life today is all because of our choices in the past. If you retrospect, you will realize that at some point you made a conscious decision to join CL and work towards sharpening your skills to get into elite B-schools. Isn’t it? Right now, I am writing this article. It is not because of mere chance or luck. But, somewhere, sometime, I would have made the choice to start writing this article and to further improve my writing skills.

As we now know that, whatever we are in life at present is all because of our choices in past. Do we unanimously agree with this idea? The answer is obvious NO. In Today’s competitive world, people are getting superstitious. The belief of 50-50 is growing. That is, 50% hard work and 50% Luck. On what basis can I say that?

I have observed growing popularity and beliefs in Numerology, Tarot Card, Feng Shui etcetera. From morning 7AM till afternoon, if you turn on your TV sets, you will definitely find at least one news channel, ready to tell you your future and how your day will be. Even if you open any newspaper, you will find one column for sure describing your day according to zodiac signs. In rural parts, you will still find parrots and pigeons ready to take any chit for you which would decide your future. Everyone meets one or the other form of Astrology or Prophets. I am certainly not opposing or challenging the validity of Astrology. My maternal uncle is involved in Astrology. He refers some charts, does some calculations and suddenly comes with a diagram – termed as “Kundli”. He always tells me to do something or the other which will increase my prospects of success. As far as I am concerned, I don’t have even a 1% of belief in such astrological figures and beliefs. One question always puzzles me is: How one can predict someone else’s future and advice him with 100% confidence? That’s strange!!!

What I am more concerned here is people like my uncle often plays with minds of people. I often failed to understand why there’s so much inclination and zeal to find one’s future. Why can’t people live in present and enjoy life as it comes? One probable answer is: people are becoming more dependent and less confident on their abilities. Whenever we fail or don’t get desired results, we often blame our fate, saying “It’s perhaps not in my fate” or “luck didn’t favor me”. I believe that such people exhibit weaker mind and negative perspective and the fate of our life is decided by our choices and not by our chances to succeed.

Having said that such behavior does not amaze me. It is a human tendency that whenever something good or positive happens, we, as human, say “I did that”. But, whenever something bad or negative happens, we say “it’s all because of my luck” or we try to find someone to blame. Don’t we?

With the rich history of India, I am sure you will observe that people who have done exceptionally well and have reached at the pinnacle were never dependent on luck. They were not dropped at the top by someone by chance. They have climbed the mountains and faced any difficulty on their way. They have achieved what they desired primarily on their courage and passion in what they were doing. Such people mend their fate their own way. But, what “mending your fate” exactly means? In my terms, it means to make the best decision based on current time and situation and also to live accordingly. If we can follow that, I am sure that our fate will be in our hands and we can achieve whatever we desire for.

Impossible is nothing. It’s just a matter of right choice at right moment. Also, remember – Rome was not built in a day. Each day comes with new learning and we gain new experiences. Live life to the fullest. With this thought, wish you all the best. Hope you make your choice and stick to that in future. Good luck, friends…

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  1. Great post!

    Yes we do take credit for our hard work when the outcome is good. But favorable results can never be guaranteed. Perhaps there is superior power that makes things happen.

    But when things go wrong despite our hard work people rationalize and say it is our destiny. In a way this may help in reducing the disappointment.

    But if one does not work hard success may never come 🙂



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