Choice, Not Chance… Part 2

As the famous adage referred in my earlier post “Choice, Not Chance…“, the destiny of any human is being decided by the choices made and not by any chance/luck. But, with further deliberation, it raises a question in my mind – “Have we already selected each of our choices at different stages?


In popular trilogy of Matrix, Neo – our hero – meets Oracle to know about his future and check if he’s the one. On entering in her kitchen, Oracle tells Neo to not bother about the vase and the next moment Neo brokes the vase. She then asks Neo if he knew earlier that the vase would broke he would have still broken it. In Part II of the same trilogy, Oracle tells Neo “You have already made the choice. Now, you have to understand why you made that.”

From our childhood days, I am very inclined to mythology and keep connecting to various Hindu mythology based TV serials. In almost all serials, the one concept regularly comes out – Vidhata has already chosen the path for you and what will happen in a given moment is also pre-written in the book. Even Gods are helpless and have to follow what has been pre-decided. All we have to do during our entire lifetime is to somehow get into a situation in which we need to make choice. This raises several questions in my mind but the most important question to me is, if things are already predetermined, what is luck then? Is it true with hardwork you can change your destiny?

My interpretation is – Luck is positive in nature. When things go as per your plan, you name it as “luck”. It is infact the consequences of series of choices you made or people around you made. Yes, you can indeed change your current situation and inturn your destiny by doing your “karma” – by doing right things.