3 reasons to NOT change in 2014

A very interesting article read recently in my company’s micro-blog site. Hope you enjoy reading as much as I did.
We invented ‘Zero’. Guess we also invented ‘Timepass’ , ‘Day Dreaming’ & ‘planning which usually FAILS’. 
How so very often have we wanted to change things in our life, also knew the methods & ways to achieve the change but just could not find the force & self discipline to CHANGE.

We have all the answers in this highly communicative age. Kya karna hai, Kaisey karna hai: Sab pata hai !Then why is it that it so happens that :- –
– You want a more fit body but just do nothing to achieve that ?
– You want to speak better but are not able to take massive action about it.
– You are just not able to meet most of your plans; inspite of making all your plans.
You decide to change on your birthdays, on so many previous new year eves BUT !

One lesson that I have clearly learnt is:- ‘People do not CHANGE’.  They just do not change when you suggest them a better option. They change ONLY when change is the ONLY option left. Our hardened habits make us so very predictable & not so malleable to change; despite of the several planning that we regularly do.

Here is what I see working for others:

1. Do less!
There is too much around to be done. There is too much around to attract to distract. Simplify, prioritize and become absolutely clear in the new year. Everything & everyone is not worthy of your attention!

You wish to DO newer, exciting & better stuff in Life ???  STOP doing some of the old, non exciting & mediocre stuff that you compulsively end up doing because of YOUR habit.

SIMPLIFY!… There is too much information, drama, and triviality around. In this ocean of very attractive garbage; your decisions to change can easily get lost. Keep on reducing ‘What you process & Do’. Be a strong Reductionist!

2. Self Discipline
Once you have decided to ‘Do Less’. Now do that ‘Less’ very well . Be hard on your own in doing that ‘Less’ very well… Cultivating the path of self change requires utmost exertion of body & mind. Take this very strong decision to be strongly ‘Self Disciplined’.
It is fun when you are on YOUR road; while you see the whole world falling to temptations. 
3. Stop worrying about ‘Your Emotions’.
“Do you actually remember what were you thinking & feeling, this time last year? I guess – Not. Are not our emotions, feelings & desires so very disposable? Do not give them much importance. Rather bring your mind fully to activity of your planning.
Think Less, Do more ! Whenever in life you are losing self control…Just think of Sunny Leone’s cameraman…!!!

Now you go & do it. Happy ‘Self Disciplined’ 2014 !
(Excerpts of a micro-blog posted in TCS KnoME! by Shrikant Gakhare)

One Reply to “3 reasons to NOT change in 2014”

  1. 1. Do less!
    My Response:
    Kuch Itna Bada Na Ho Jo Mujhse Khada Na Ho
    Upar jo ho so ho, Niche kuch pada Na ho…

    Means be responsible for all that is in your plate. Else get lesser domain.

    2. Self Discipline
    My Response:
    कभी बुरा हूँ कभी भला हूँ,
    मैं भोला बस पीने वाला
    कभी चंचल मन मचले,
    दिल छु जाये साकी बाला !
    धर्म हमारा चंचल मन को
    वश में रखना है लेकिन,
    मदहोशी को खूब लुटता,
    पागल मन है मधुशाला !!
    Means just control your inner self and rest will be in control

    3. Stop worrying about ‘Your Emotions’.
    My Response:
    Very soon Superimposed Emotional Intelligence will control the HUB of ANN 🙂
    You might not understand…. (ANN -> Artifical Neural Network)
    Mathematics is static as long as it quantifiable… after a limit it is also relative like physics 🙂


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